Prodigy Links


Official Prodigy related Sources:

XL Recordings  the website of Prodigy's label XL Recordings

Copasetik  the website of Leeroy's label Copasetik

Flightcrank   the official Flightcrank web site

Maxim UK  Maxim's official website

Gizz Butt   the website of Gizz Butt's Janus Stark

Kieron Pepper   the website of Kieron Pepper's Happy Gilmore


Prodigy Fansites:

Kotta's Prodigy Site  the kotta's site is a great info site with many rare pictures

The Online Prodigy Center  the online prodigy center is a good site with a link to an FTP server and many infos

Juge's Prodigy Site  the juges prodigy site is not very well designed but also has a lot of info and downloads

Maxim Online  new maxim fansite made in finland. super desingn and comprehesiv content

Keith's World  Keith's World is the no. 1 resource about Keith Flint, rare pics, gossip and lots of info

In Your Face   a website dedicated to Liam Howlett

Prodigy Pages Co Uk   New Site! News, Info, Regular Updates

Dirty Dozen Russia  a Russian Fansite for The Prodigy

Dirty Dozen International   Unofficial International Prodigy fanclub

Prodigy-Net   die größte deutschsprachige Prodigyseite / Biggest German Prodigy Fan Site

The Dirtchamber   Prodigy fansite with a list of the webmasters collection

Prodigy on Alternation in Germany   info in German

Niklas Prodigy Site  new Prodigy site with info, poll, lyrics

Anders Nivor's Maxim Web  very well designed Maxim fan site

Firestarter's Prodigy Page  about the prodigy and the firestarter


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